Coyote Linux originally started out as a floppy based distribution of Linux, created in 1998 by Vortech Consulting. The original floppy-based project has been continued under the name “Brazil FW” by Claudio from Brazil ( Since its release, Coyote Linux has been downloaded over 2 million times and is in use all over the world by hobbyists an commercial users alike.

Today, Coyote Linux is still a small, embedded distribution of Linux designed to work as a firewall for small to medium sized networks (less than 200 users). Work stalled on the distribution for a period of about 2 years while the author worked on various other projects. In Janurary, 2009 work resumed on the distribution to provide a more commercially feasible application for providing network perimeter defense.

Current plans for Coyote Linux include a completely overhauled administration interface, much more robust security features, failover clustering, hardware security accellerator support, and much more. For more information about Coyote Linux as it develops, be sure to check back with the blog and forums on a regular basis.