This page contains links to any publicly available downloads for Coyote Linux. Archives for the various installation sets, development sources, and build trees will be available from this page.

Coyote Linux Downloads
Current Stable Version (CD Install to a hard drive)
  • Coyote Linux 3.00.47 Install ISO – This archive contains an ISO9660 bootable CDROM image to install Coyote Linux 3.00.47. This image must first be burned to CD using a CDROM mastering application that supports ISO9660 image format. Note – the Wolverine documentation below can be used as a manual for this version of Coyote. Coyote 3.00 is primarily just a free re-package of the previously commercial Wolverine product.
Older Releases (Floppy based)
Wolverine Firewall and VPN Server Downloads
  • Wolverine 2.10.1062 – This archive contains the bootable CD install image for Wolverine 2.10.1062. This version of Wolverine does not require activation and all features have been enabled. This is the last release of the Wolverine product line. In the future, the features available in Wolverine will be part of the Coyote Linux product line.
  • Wolverine Documentation – The PDF documentation for the Wolverine Firewall and VPN Server.

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