Monthly Archives: August 2011

I’ve switched the web site software – again. If you are having trouble with links from other sites or anything you had bookmarked, you’ll need to browse around and locate the content again. I’m going to have forums back online soon and will post some of the major developments that have been made in the release of the Coyote Linux v4.00 distribution. I have made very infrequent posts about its progress as it is steady, but very slow. I think users of previous releases will be very pleased with many of the changes and technology?√°enhancements?√°this version will introduce.

I have largely caved to the previous requests to make Coyote a much more all-in-one distribution for those wanting to use the Linux system as a multi-function machine (in addition to just being a firewall). The use of Suse Studio as a base for development has allowed me to add many features (smtp gateway, basic web services, etc) as optional components of the core distribution. While I wouldn’t personally run a border firewall with such features enabled, many users have expressed an interest in the past to have their network edge device/router serve these functions. Such functions will all need to be manually enabled and managed outside of the core Coyote administration interface, but will be available for those wanting a more “complete” Linux distribution for use as their network firewall.

More info to follow shortly.