I have decided to discontinue official releases of the Coyote Linux Floppy Firewall. My decision to do so has been a long time coming and was a hard one to make. I simply do not have the time nor desire to continue development of a floppy based solution. In fact, I don’t even own a system that has a floppy drive.

I would like to thank all of you that have contributed to Coyote’s development over the years. It would not have been near the success that it is if I had not had help from the many individuals willing to contribute their time and talents to help develop one of the most complete and user-friendly mini-distributions of Linux.

Anyone wishing to continue working on Coyote is welcome to do so, but will need to change the name of their distribution. In addition, I must remind the community that the Windows Wizard is not (and never has been) covered under the GNU public license and may not be redistributed in any modified form.

Finally, please do not email me asking me to keep the project open. I have given this decision a lot of thought and it is final.